A visit to Suncheon Bay

One of the best views one can find while visiting Jeollanamdo province in South Korea is at Suncheon Bay Ecological Park. The Suncheon wetlands are actually not the largest wetland area in Korea — that would be the Upo wetlands (which I haven’t been to) but Suncheon’s are well worth the visit. The park is home to a few species of crabs, migratory birds, and mudskippers.

Not the best picture…but it’s of one of the crabs there.

When first entering the bay, there are several boardwalks to view the crabs and birds before approaching Yongsan mountain. There’s about a 45 minute hike up the mountain to the main observatory, but the view is no doubt worth the hike. It is not too difficult a hike with comfortable shoes. It takes about 30 minutes to get from the entrance of the park to Yongsan.

There’s a choice between taking “the road of meditation” or “the hard road” up Yongsan…I chose “the road of meditiation.”

suncheon5 suncheon6 suncheon4


Suncheon bay is well known for it’s sunset views, but we went in the afternoon. The view was still beautiful regardless. There’s a few restaurants and convenience stores just outside the bay area, across from the parking lot. Unfortunately, my friends and I went during a holiday weekend, and all of the restaurants had long lines except Lotteria. So my friends settled for Lotteria chicken while I ate a sandwich from GS mart, as we were hungry for lunch.

Combined with Nagan folk village Suncheon bay made for a good day in the small city. It’s a great place to check out while in Jeollanamdo province.


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