Love Motel Review: Apple Motel, Yeosu

So-called “love motels” are a common sight everywhere in Korea. Most cities will have entire clusters of them in certain areas, shining bright neon light at night. Love motels became very popular in Japan decades ago and spread to Korea and other Asian countries such as Taiwan and Hong Kong. Since they were first introduced in the mid-80’s, love motels have received comparable popularity in Korea as in Japan. A large portion of Koreans live with their parents until they are married, and a majority marry in their late 20’s or later, so the motels are commonly used by young couples. During my time in Korea, I have only stayed at a love motel twice, as I generally prefer to book accommodation in advance before travelling, and most love motels can’t be booked in advance without knowing Korean. However, there are a few love motels in Korea that can be booked on Agoda. The Apple Motel in Yeosu is an example of a love motel with an Agoda listing. My friends and I decided to book a motel rather than stay in a hostel, for the sake of more privacy. Love hotels can seem seedy, however the Apple motel was very clean and the room quite nice. We booked a VIP room as it had two large beds and enough room for all of us. It also had a sofa, a large screen TV, a computer, a Jacuzzi bath, a sauna, a cup sanitizer, and a small fridge.

We never figured out how to turn on the sauna though…

applemotel1 applemotel2  applemotel4

It also has a separate toilet room and bath room. The room was cleaned every day. Guests at love motels typically have very little contact with the front desk, but the desk staff at this motel were very nice and helped us figure out the entertainment system and helped me order delivery chicken to my room

. applemotel5

The main drawback of the Apple is that it isn’t in the city center. However it’s located close to Yeocheon bus terminal and Yeocheon train station. There were also plenty of restaurants and a Lotte Mart nearby. Despite it being a love hotel, complete with some free condoms provided, I never heard or saw any of the rendezvous going on among other guests, and we were there two nights. The motel is located along the love motel strip in the area but the neighborhood didn’t seem unsafe at all. The VIP room cost $80 per night, which is a great value for money especially splitting the cost with friends.


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