Folk Villages in Korea Part 2: Nagan Eupseong

I visited Nagan Eupseong folk village more recently as a part of a three day weekend road trip to the Jeollanamdo province for Buddha’s birthday. I went with two friends, and since one of them had a car, we drove rather than use public transit. Nagan Eupseong is the last Joseon era village in Korea with a fortress wall around it. It’s one of the better preserved in the country and located in Suncheon.


The most obvious difference between this village and Andong’s is that this one has a fortress wall around it and Andong’s does not. Hahoe has the river surrounding it while Nagan has the fotress. The fortress provides good views of Nagan, while the view of Andong is provided by Buyongdae cliff.


Other than the fortress wall, I noticed that Hahoe had a higher number of hanok homes while the majority of the homes in Nagan are thatched roofs. Apart from those differences, the folk villages are quite similar. Both have residents still living in them, and both have various traditional performances to watch. Andong is known for it’s mask dance, which can be seen in the folk village even outside of the mask dance festival. At Nagan, I saw a traditional instrument performance.

nagan3 nagan4 nagan5 nagan6  nagan12  nagan7 20150523_164343[1]

The village also had a Joseon era jail and courthouse.

nagan8 nagan9 nagan10 nagan11   nagan14 nagan15  20150523_164656[1]

Nagan Eupseong was a lovely village and I was glad to see it although I had already been to the one in Andong. It isn’t on the Unesco world heritage list like Hahoe is, but it is on the tentative list. The city of Suncheon has a number of other attractions that can be combined with Nagan on a trip there, including Suncheon Bay (which we visited on this trip) and a few temples (we didn’t visit those though). My friends and I stayed in a Yeosu love motel on this trip, and not in Suncheon (a post on that is coming up).


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